Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal vs. Divorce Legal Document Assistant

Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal vs. Divorce Legal Document Assistant

In this video I discuss what a divorce legal document assistant is and how we are different than a divorce paralegal service.

The biggest different between a legal document assistant and a paralegal is this. A legal document assistant is allowed to work directly with clients to assist them with their Santa Clarita divorce. A paralegal cannot do this. A divorce paralegal has to work for an attorney and be supervised by that attorney.

What this means is that you cannot just hire the paralegal, you have to hire the divorce attorney or law firm. So if someone is representing that they are a divorce paralegal, technically they are in illegal business and should not be providing these legal services.

I decided to go through some of my old YouTube videos from over 5 years ago and it was interesting to see my early video beginnings.  What is funny is that the camera is slightly out of focus, but hey, at least I got out there and was creating content! (Read More Below Video)

But you as the consumer would not know that divorce paralegals cannot technically assist you and by and large, this industry is not monitored and there is no recourse for these unauthorized paralegal practices in Santa Clarita, so they are allowed to stay in business.

The reason these people do this is because there are requirements to becoming registered as a Legal Document Assistant and because they don’t have the property training, background and / or education, they cannot meet the requirements to become registered Legal Document Assistants in California.

So the short story is you need to verify that they are a Divorce Legal Document Assistant and not just a paralegal.

How do you tell? Ask to see their Legal Document Assistant registration card. I have mine right on the front of our website to show we are a company that can be in business.