Santa Clarita Divorce Process : Divorce 661

Santa Clarita Divorce Process : Divorce 661

When going through a divorce in Santa Clarita, California there are several things you should know. There are the rules your need to know about as far as California law is concerned and you need to have an  understanding of how to properly prepare your divorce papers if you are thinking of doing your own divorce.

In this video we discuss what the divorce process looks like in California. (keep reading below video)

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When I say you need to know the law, I mean to say that you at least need to have a basic understanding of how community property works and how spousal support is addressed at a very minimum.

For instance, for community property, you need to know at the very basic level is that community property is simply those things you have acquired during the marriage and that generally they are divided equally during divorce.

And for spousal support, you need to know the rules related to short term marriages vs long term marriages and how spousal support is calculated, how much it will be and for how long your should pay or receive spousal support.

Now, when it comes to the process of getting a divorce in Santa Clarita, we are talking about form completion and the different types of divorce you can go through procedurally.

Meaning are you going to have a contested divorce? An uncontested divorce? Maybe a true default or default with agreement. These are all different ways to complete your Santa Clarita Divorce.

As far as how you are going to get your divorce done.  You have choices to make here as well. Are you going to try to do your own divorce? Hire a professional divorce paralegal company like us? Or, are you going to decide to hire an attorney.

Your specific situation is going to dictate who you use to complete your Santa Clarita Divorce and by what process you will complete it.

If you need assistance with your divorce, please feel free to schedule a free phone consultation with us.