Benefits Of An Uncontested Divorce In California 

Benefits Of An Uncontested Divorce In California

Today, we’re talking about what’s some of the benefits are of going through an uncontested divorce in California. And when we say uncontested we basically mean the parties are attempting to work through their divorce.

And come to a conclusion or a decision on everything that’s involved with divorce on their own as opposed to allowing it to go the way of attorneys or in enough where in the courts in the divorce courts.

So I wrote down three notes here. Three kinds of topics I want to discuss and some of the benefits of going through an uncontested divorce in California.

The number one thing I wrote down was of course the cost of going through an uncontested divorce. It’s going to be far less than hiring an attorney at a very minimal cost.

If you end up with an attorney you’re going to spend at least $3500 to $5000 on your end. And your spouse is going to get an attorney as well and at the same cost.

And this is if there’s no court, no trials, nothing is contested and you each have your attorney of your own, you’re looking to spending $3500 to $5000 for an uncontested case with an attorney.

When you use a service such as ours that’s basically a paralegal service in California. We will book with both parties for the same fee. Our prices are very competitive and the value that you get in using our service is immense.

So that is the first thing I wanted to talk about is the cost. The next thing or the second thing that I want to discuss is that there’s going to be a less emotional tool in going through an uncontested divorce.

I have clients in my office many times both parties husband and wife show up to their appointment to talk through their divorce case.

And what I told folks is this that the fact that are they are even sitting in my office together,  the fact that they were able to agree to come in to our office and use our services for divorce is a step and a right direction in working towards amicable uncontested divorce in California.

Now what I tell folks is, I can pretty much gauge based on the conversation and the tone. And again this doesn’t mean you have to like each other. It’s going to be emotional.

It’s going to have, there’s going to be difficulties in getting through it. But basically what we’re saying is the parties are going to sit down together and attempt to work it out together. And in doing so, it will be a less emotional tool on both parties.

The third thing is if you have children this is going to be something where when you divorce if you have kids you’re still going to continue to see each other on either a daily or a weekly basis depending upon your custody and visitation schedule.

So it’s better to go through an uncontested divorce, work amicably or as amicably as possible through your divorce because you’re going to be seeing each other again either on a daily or a weekly basis in regards to custody visitation of your children.

And if that’s the case and your children are very young and there is going to be like custody visitation scenario playing out for years to come, it’s going to be better that you guys have a good working relationship so that doesn’t take a tool on the children because as you know the kids know more than they lean on to say they know or that we think they know.

So those are the top things, the cost, less emotional tool, and if you have children, young children what have you, you’re going to be seeing each other for some time in the future.

So it’s best you work through your kids amicably and it’s going to save you in those areas.

My name is Time Blankenship with specializing in California divorce. So feel free to give us a call. I’ll be happy to talk to you over the phone and see if you and your scenario is a good fit for our service here in California.

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