Santa Clarita Mediation : Is Mediation Required For Divorce?

Santa Clarita Mediation : Is Mediation Required For Divorce?

Tim Blankenship here with today we’re talking a little bit more about mediation. Many people are under the wrong conclusion that mediation is required when going through a divorce in Santa Clarita.

Many times, people will call me and say they are looking for a divorce mediator, feeling that they need to mediate their divorce case or have some 3rd party involved in order to finalize their case and that is not necessary.

So, when people call me and say Tim, we’re looking for a mediator, do you do mediation, I ask them well do you guys have issues that you need to sit down with some 3rd party and help you work out your differences and many times the answer is no and I say well you don’t need a mediator, you simply need someone like myself to help interface with the courts, do all the paperwork and draft all of the paperwork correctly so we can get your divorced finalized and usually their comment is well I thought we had to go down to court, meet with a mediator or have someone draft our documents.

No, the people that go through our service, unless we through the process we realize they’re having difficulties where we’ll refer them out to mediation to solve a particular issue or issues, most of my clients do not need any mediation what so ever if they are in a full agreement. So, mediation is not required in divorce in California if you are in agreement, you will not go to court, court is also not mandatory.

We would do all the interface for the court filings and any time that documents need to be filed with the court we take care of that, so if you use our service not only will you not need mediation, unless you need to get some issues resolved, nor will you go to court, we handle all of that for you.

So, I just wanted to clear that up because I do get a lot of calls from people thinking they need to have a mediator or that they have to go to court. Tim Blankenship,, have a great day and thanks for watching.

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