Serving California Divorce Petition Via Substituted Service

How To Serve California Divorce Petition By Substituted Service

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with with today’s divorce661 tip of the day and today we’re talking about serving divorce papers obviously.

So, there are multiple ways of doing it, personal service, there’s a notice of acknowledgment receipt that can be signed by the other party, also what we’re talking about specifically today is what’s called the substituted service.

So real quick, when one party cannot be served, an example would be let’s say you sent process servers to the house where the party lives multiple times and they’re just not there but there happens to be another adult in the home, you can with certain restrictions and you have to meet certain criteria you can what’s called sub-service or substitute serve the person of the house.

So, maybe your spouse lives with a parent or maybe there’s a relative in the home or something like that, you can sub serve that other party, not the actual person being served, again only in certain circumstances, so I just wanted to let you know there is a way if you’re unable to serve the person, for whatever reason, they’re either avoiding service or they’re never there but it is known that they do live there you can have them substituted served by serving another person but again, it’s a little bit tricking and only in certain circumstances can you do that.

So, if you need help with that you definitely want to have a professional assist you with that. So, hope this was helpful with today’s divorce661 tip of the day. Have a great day.