How To Sign California Divorce Papers When Not Living Together

Many of our divorce clients do not live together and some even live far apart such as in another state even. So when you are going through a California divorce and need to sign divorce papers it can become very labor intensive  trying to get documents to one another and have all the signatures on the paperwork you need to complete your California divorce case.

Let’s say you are trying to finalize your California divorce and are preparing the divorce judgment forms. Well, there are about 25 or so pages that make up the divorce judgment and most require both of your signatures and many of  the signatures appear on the same page.

So this leaves you with having to do a round-robin with the paperwork. Let me explain. So you sign the paperwork and then mail your original signatures to you spouse to sign the divorce paperwork and then they have to mail it back to you.  And just cross your fingers that nothing gets lost in the mail.

But there is a better way!

With our divorce clients who do not live near each other, we simply send out 2 separate sets of divorce paperwork for them to sign. They each sign different sets of paperwork and turn into us. Then we simply combine all the signatures and stack them together.

So yes, you will have twice as much paperwork by stacking the forms, but it makes it much quicker when we are trying to finalize a divorce case and we don’t have issues of the paperwork getting lost in the mail or waiting for the divorce paperwork to go from us, then to the Petitioner, then to the Respondent and then back to us.

So when you stack the divorce paperwork you would simply have 2 of each signature page of each form. You don’t need to have the entire form duplicated.