How To Start Your California Divorce : The Divorce Forms To Start

How To Start Your California Divorce : The Divorce Forms To Start

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with today we’re answering the question how do I go about filing for divorce in California, so you can answer this question with a couple options.

A couple of different ways so let me start with the 1st you can do it yourself, hire a service like ours, a legal document assistant firm, we do specialize in California divorce so we can serve all of the courts in California or you can hire a mediator or an attorney, so you have options as far as that’s concerned.

Let me answer this like how do you file for divorce, like physically what forms. To start a divorce in California you need 3 forms, it’s really going to depend upon the county but at the minimum you’re going to need the summons and a petition, if there’s children there’s going to be a form called a UCCJEA, it’s form FL dash 105 and then most counties will have a local form.

It’s some type of jurisdiction form for instance in Ventura county it’s notice of case of assignment, same with LA county and all of the various counties have some local form, usually to say they want to know where the parities live, same with Orange county, San Diego county, they all have a local form that you’ll file.

So, summons petition and a local form for jurisdiction purposes, they want to know where you guys live to make sure you’re filing in the right court and if there is children always a UCCJEA. So that is the 4 forms, or 3 forms you need to file for divorce to get the process started, keep in mind you are just filing the initial paperwork, you have not filed for divorce, you have not finalized your divorce, a lot of calls we get people say well I filed for divorced thinking filed means finished, filed simply means you filed the petition and got the ball rolling.

Tim Blankenship hope this was helpful, give us a call for more information at 661 281 0266 or go to for more information. Thanks for watching.