Super Bowl & Making A Wood Gate With My Son

I am not a big fan of sports. In fact, the only sporting events I watch are the final games such as the Super Bowl.  So the family and I watched the Super Bowl yesterday, but it was just me, my wife and our son.  Our daughter ended up going to a Super Bowl party with her friends.  I have to admit I did enjoy it. I really liked the half time show.

I made our Sunday a son and father do-it-yourself project day.  About a year ago we moved into our Valencia home and it was built around 1997 or so.  I think it was the only house in the area that absolutely no upgrades were added and certainly no updates since it was built.  So we have been doing lots of projects here and there.

This weekends project was the small side gate that leads to our backyard.  It was in really bad shape and had never been taken care of.  It appeared that all they did was put more and more paint on it.  On Saturday I thought it might be easier to just sand it all down, but there was so much paint that it was very difficult to remove.

Come Sunday morning I decided it would just be easier to build a new wood gate.  Something I had never done before.

So I made a supply list and headed down to Home Depot.  It did not take much to make the wood gate.  Just a few 2 x 4’s, fence posts, screws, hardware and some stain.  It took my son and I approximately 6 hours to get the gate made.  For a first time gate builder we did pretty good.

Here is the before and after with our brand new gate.

old gatenew gate

Overall it was a good family weekend. Glad to have spent the time with my son in building something.  At least I got him off the computer for a few hours.

Talk to you later. Tim