Burbank Divorce Attorney Not Needed In Most Divorce Cases

Burbank Divorce Attorney Not Needed In Most Divorce Cases

If you live in Burbank and are considering going through a divorce, you may be thinking that you need to hire a divorce attorney.

Well, I am here to tell you that only less than 10% of all divorce cases filed in California actually need or used an attorney for their divorce.

What is the first word you can think of after you hear the word, “divorce?”  I bet it is attorney. And this is why I wanted to write this article to let people know that there are times when you need an attorney and times when you don’t.

When You Don’t Need An Attorney

As of this writing we handle nearly 50 divorce cases every month.  None of these folks needed or used an attorney to complete their divorce. They relied on our Burbank divorce service to complete their entire divorce case from start to finish.

Here is what our clients have in common:

  1. They are somewhat amicable.  You don’t have to be completely amicable and friendly, but you just have to be willing to attempt to go through the divorce process like adults and keep emotion out of it as best as you can.  We get it, you are going through a divorce, but just try your best to get through the divorce process.
  2. They want a good relations for their kids.  If you have children, especially young children, you are going to have to co-parent and will be in each others lives for a long time to come.  It is best that you keep at least that part of your relationship in tact so you both can do what is best for your children.
  3. They don’t want to go to court.  If you come to an agreement outside of court, no court appearance is necessary.  The courts don’t want you in their courtroom, they want you to figure that out on your own or with the assistance of mediation.  Our service handled the court for you so you won’t have to go to court.

When You Need An Attorney

There are just going to be times when you need an attorney.  If you are going to need legal advice or representation in court, then you are going to need an attorney. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will attempt to cheat the system and lie, hide assets, close joint accounts, move away with the kids or do one of 100 different things someone can do to harm the other party.  When these types of things happen, you will most likely need an attorney.

We handle a lot of divorce cases in Burbank. If you think you and your spouse can get through the divorce process with assistance and guidance from us along the way, then we encourage you to call us.  Even if you use our Burbank divorce service and later realize that you do need and attorney, you can always move on and nothing is lost.  Because we follow the exact process and procedures attorneys do, they can simply pick up where we left off.  At least you would have saved a bunch of money up to that point.

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