Where Do I File My Burbank Divorce Case?

Where Do I File My Burbank Divorce Case?

If you live in Burbank and are getting a divorce, you may be surprised to learn that the Burbank divorce court does not handle divorce cases.  It seems odd, but the Burbank divorce court that once provided divorce services in Burbank no longer handles divorce cases.

So where do i file my Burbank divorce case?


Yep, Burbank residents have to file their divorce case in Pasadena.

There have been several court changes and closures, and this is one of the changes that affect folks who live in the Burbank area.

But there is a better way than trying your to file your own divorce case and having to make numerous trips out of Burbank.

Many people try to save money by deciding to file their own Burbank divorce case.  Over the years of assisting people with their Burbank divorce case, I can tell you that many times, the folks who are trying to complete their own Burbank divorce case often end up spending more money on their divorce than if they had just called us for assistance from the beginning.

Let me explain.  If you go through an uncontested Burbank divorce you are going to have to pay the filing fee twice.  Yes, you read that correct. You will pay 2 court fees.

In an uncontested divorce, one party will decide to file (the Petitioner) and the other party will file a Response ( The Respondent)  There is a fee both for the filing fee and the response fee.

Now if you are like our clients and going through a mostly amicable divorce, one of you is either paying for the entire cost of the divorce or you are splitting the costs.

When you use our service, we can get you through the entire divorce process on just a single court filing fee.  This will save you over $400 in court costs.

When you factor in our fees, it is not that much more expensive to use our professional divorce preparation service than it is to do it yourself.  This is not even counting the amount of time and energy you will spend trying to figure out the divorce forms and process.

Give us a call to handle your Burbank divorce case.  We take care of your entire divorce case from start to finish.