Military Divorce Service | Divorce Assistance For Military Families

Military Divorce Service | Divorce Assistance For Military Families

It is probably no shock to learn that our military families go through divorce like everyone else.  What with long deployments, stressful military occupations and trying to keep a family together.

I have been getting more calls than usual from folks in the Military seeking help with filing for divorce.  We have been able to help every one of them as well.

We have Military families calling us who are stationed in San Diego as well as those deployed overseas.  We even helped someone stationed in Germany.

Because the divorce process is relatively the same everywhere in California, we can help you get through the divorce in any County in California.   For some reason, the Military personnel that we have helped has already started the divorce process and just needed us to pick up where they left.  They found that they just did not have the time to invest in attempting to see it all the way through.

It does not matter if you are overseas or stationed state side, we can help.  Most of what we do it done right over the phone and by email.  The person in Germany was obviously on a totally different time zone, which made email a very handy tool to communicate so we could complete his divorce.

I know that folks reading this probably live in other states besides California, but unfortunately we specialize in California divorce procedures.  I wouldn’t have any idea how to complete a divorce in another state.

Feel free to give us a call so we can discuss helping your out.  Many of the service members who found our website used the “email us now” button on our home page to make initial contact with us.   Either way is fine and we will respond to your email right away.

Full Service Divorce Firm In Santa Clarita

Full Service Divorce Firm In Santa Clarita

We are a full service divorce firm in Santa Clarita. This means that we take care of the entire process from start to finish for you.

The divorce process is confusing and not fun when left to do yourself. There is a lot that can go wrong and is why we don’t want to leave it up to you. Besides, you won’t want to do it anyways.

So how is this different than other types of services out there. For starters, we should tell you that there is not anybody else in Santa Clarita providing a divorce service at all.

But what we hear about on a regular basis is folks who have wasted their money by going to either an unlicensed person who says they know how to prepare divorce documents who do a horrible job, or companies that say they will help you, but only have you answer a long questionnaire which plugs your answers into the forms.

The companies that do this are providing a dis-service. There are tons of automated form completion companies out there. The problem is that the forms are usually prepared incorrectly and they don’t help you understand the actual divorce process or help you to file and serve your forms. They basically leave you out to dry.

It is not your fault if you fell prey to one of these services. There is virtually no regulation and what rules there are don’t have an enforcement agency to stop it or penalize those who are out there.

When you decide you are going to get divorced, make sure to use our full service divorce company in Santa Clarita.  The divorce process and paperwork is too tricky to try and go it alone.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions about divorce.