Why Is Our Santa Clarita Divorce Service So Cheap?

Why Is Our Santa Clarita Divorce Service So Cheap?

Can you believe that I actually had someone say, “Wow, how come your divorce service is so cheap”?  I guess, when you compare our prices to that of what attorneys charge, this is a totally normal question.

With the average cost of a divorce in California in the $15,000 per person (yes, $15, 000 for you and $15,000 for your spouse) it is no wonder we get people saying this.

But you want to know the truth?  We used to charge a lot more.  But what we found is that by having that higher price point, we were actually making it un-affordable for many people and this went against the whole reason we started this business in the first place.

We want our divorce services in Santa Clarita to be affordable.  But we also need to stay profitable, right?  We see so many business’s in Santa Clarita going out of business.  Remember Game Stop?  We heard that was a fantastic place  for sporting events.  But they only made it 2 years!

So where is the happy middle ground.  We feel it is at that point where a large portion of the population can afford your service and just above the point where we can turn a profit.

As a business plan, we want to help as many people as we can get though divorce.  We want everyone to have the ability to get affordable divorce services and not break the bank.

We also want to feel good about the business we are in.  We think we have found that middle point.  Very rarely do we have anyone say to us that they think we are charging too much or that they don’t see the value in what we do.

We are one of the only companies to actually place our pricing for divorce services on our website.  That way, we know that when people call us, they have an idea of what we are going to charge them and are not surprised or angered when we tell them the cost.

We think that when people ask us why our divorce service is so cheap, what they are really saying is that there is an extreme value in the divorce service we provide.

And that is the recipe for a successful business.

When You Don’t Have Time To Get Divorced | Santa Clarita

When You Don’t Have Time To Get Divorced | Santa Clarita

What do you do when you don’t have time to get divorced?  It may seem like a silly question, but in actuality this is a real issue for many people.

Some people have put off their divorce for several years.  Some have separated from their spouse and never filed for divorce.  Some have separated and filed  some of the divorce paperwork and never finished.  Don’t fret.  You’re not alone.  We take a lot of calls from folks who are in this exact position and can help you to complete it.

Other times, folks realize that right away that they do not have the time to prepare their own divorce forms.  They say they know that it is possible, yet difficult, to prepare their own divorce forms, but they just don’t have the time.   Even those that say they have the time, don’t have the patience to learn the process of getting divorced.

And if you go the route of the self help centers, count on spending the equivalent of 2 weeks worth of your time before your can finish all the paperwork.  This is due both to the fact that they are extremely busy and that there is so much paperwork to complete.

Whatever your reason for not having time, we are here to help you get through the divorce process.  Whether you are just getting started or started several years ago, it is not a problem.

We are a full service divorce firm.  This means that we will complete all the divorce documents for you.  We will also file them, mail them to your spouse and keep your file updated.  We literally take care of everything so you can live your life and not have to spend the time trying to figure out the divorce process.

You do what you do best and we will do what we do best and together we will save you the time and trouble of completing your divorce.


People Glad They Found Our Santa Clarita Divorce Service

People Glad They Found Our Santa Clarita Divorce Service

I had a client call me today and the first words out of their mouth was how glad they were to have found our divorce service.  This client actually came across our divorce website that serves Los Angeles.

In addition, she paid us several other compliments during the course of our conversation, which I thought would be good to share with others.

One of the first things I like to do when someone calls, aside from answering their specific questions, is to explain exactly what we do and how our service works.  The next thing I like to do is explain the entire divorce process so that there is an understanding by our clients of how the process works.

After I explained the divorce process, this client (who signed up for services right over the phone) said that she had spoke with three attorneys prior to calling us and said for the first time, she understood what was going to happen.

I told her that it just might be possible that attorneys want to keep their clients in the dark and not educate them so they have to continue to use their services.

This brings me to the next compliment she mentioned. She stated that she had watched several of our videos and had learned quite a bit about the divorce process simply from the videos.  I advised her that we want our clients informed.  In fact, the more informed the easier the process is for everyone.  When you work with us, you are representing yourself, so you have to be more involved than you would when taking direction from a lawyer.

So in a matter of 15 minutes on the phone we were able to completely inform this new client about our services, explain the divorce process and get her started on her way to getting the divorce completed.

We are here to help, not make things more complicated.  When we were done speaking, she said how glad she was to have found our Santa Clarita divorce Service.

Are You Overwhelmed By The Divorce Process | Santa Clarita

Are You Overwhelmed By The Divorce Process | Santa Clarita

Are you overwhelmed by the divorce process?  Perhaps you use the word frustrated when you think about divorce.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this mess of divorce and trying to figure it all out.

We get calls and emails from people everyday who have felt one or both the emotions above and realize that they need to get professional help in completing their divorce.

You have to wonder why the courts make it so difficult to complete a divorce.  And the difficulty comes in two varieties.  First, there is the paperwork to deal with.  You have to make sure your check the correct boxes and fill them out correctly.  You need this form if this happens and that form if that happens.

Next is the issues that arise due to the actual procedure.  The legal system is all about following proper procedure. Which forms have to be served.  Personally served or mail served?  What’s the difference?  What? I can’t serve the paperwork?

Just with the issues of paperwork and procedure there are hundreds of things that you can do wrong that will ultimately delay your case.  In most cases, it is harder to fix than to to just have done it correct in the first place.

Some of clients came to us after they had already started the process, thinking they were doing a pretty good job.  When we reviewed their documents we literally had to correct everything they had done so far up to that point.

Our recommendation is that you come to us first, before you start filling out and filing paperwork.  Of course, we welcome your business at any stage. We even take on cases where the parties have completed everything and even submitted their judgment, which they had rejected by the court.

No matter where you are at in the process, not started yet, in the middle or at the end, we can help complete your divorce for you so you don’t have to be overwhelmed.

Attorney Last Resort When Divorcing | Santa Clarita

Attorney Last Resort When Divorcing | Santa Clarita

Of course, this is just my opinion, but I firmly believe that an attorney should be used during your divorce, only as a last resort.

There are many people that share my opinion that attorneys, and the legal system, should not be involved in divorce matters.

Of court, attorneys do not believe this, but mediators, family law counselors, facilitators, marriage counselors and the like all feel that divorce would be better handled outside the legal system.

So if using an attorney is the last resort when getting divorced, then what are your other options?  Lets explore this.

First, you have companies such as ours which provide affordable divorce document preparation.  We provide a full service divorce process that can get most divorces completed.  Even ones that have some issues that are being contested.

We will show you how to use the courts free services to come to an agreement on issues that have not been agreed upon yet.

The next step, if there were still outstanding issues that you needed help on would be to pay for a mediator to help resolve your issues.  When I have cases where the parties cannot agree on something, I will refer them to a local Santa Clarita mediator.

This is a paid service, where you and your spouse will sit down with a Lawyer together.  This lawyer is a neutral third party who does not represent either one of you, rather it is their job to explain the law and what the potential outcomes may be so that you can make an informed decision.

It is recommended that you spend as much time as it takes to reach an agreement.

If you still cannot come to an agreement, then you might have to hire an attorney.  Just be aware that once you do this you can expect many more issues to arise.  Why is this?  Because it is the attorney’s job to fight for you and your rights.   You spouse’s attorney is going to do the same thing.

This is not really an environment that invites agreement.

Try to use the steps as outlined above when possible and use an attorney for your divorce only as a last resort.

Is My Santa Clarita Divorce Case Uncontested?

Is My Santa Clarita Divorce Case Uncontested?

Did you know that there is a 95% chance that your divorce case is uncontested?  This is because the true nature of a contested case is one that goes in front of a judge, which very few cases ever do.

People often call me and say they are not sure if their case will be uncontested or contested.  What they are really saying is that they don’t have all the issues worked out just yet.

This does not make is a contested case.  It just means you have not worked out all the issues.

Seldom do the parties I assist with preparing divorce documents have all the issues worked out.  There are usually unresolved issues surrounding such thins as Spousal Support, Child Support or the division of assets and debts.  There are a lot of people who have questions about how to deal with their home as well.

So even if you have issues to resolve, we can help you to use the courts services to understand the law and work towards an agreement.

It is our goal to help you get through your divorce without having to spend countless thousands of dollars on attorney fees.  We can help you navigate the  courts free services and even refer you to a local mediator if you are really having trouble coming to an agreement about the terms of your divorce.

Hiring a divorce attorney should be your last resort.  Doing so will only complicate matters and end up costing you a small fortune.  There are better ways of dealing with the issue of divorce.

We welcome your call, even if it is to see if using our services would be a good fit for your particular circumstances.  We will lay out a plan to help get you through the divorce process and make recommendations based on your specific issues.

Don’t Spend Children’s College Tuition On Your Divorce | Santa Clarita

Don’t Spend Children’s College Tuition On Your Divorce | Santa Clarita

“I want to save my money so I can send my kids to college.  I don’t want to spend it on an attorney to get divorced.”  That was what a new client of ours said when I asked her why she chose to work with us instead of hiring an attorney.

It was one of the smartest things I heard someone say, and one of the most rational as well.  With the average cost of a divorce in California averaging $15,000, per person, who wants to throw that kind of money away.

Either way you look at it, it is bad news.  You are either spending your savings and investment money, or lacking that, going further into debt to foot the bill for your divorce attorney.

Having rational clients like this is probably one of the biggest differences than those I would encounter when working at the law firm.  Folks that hire attorneys appear to want to fight it out and make decisions based on emotions.

Our self represented clients treat the process much more like a business transaction and work to come to agreements where possible.  Where not possible, we help them settle their differences by using the courts free mediation services.

Before you run out and hire an attorney for your divorce, stop and think about the true costs of taking this action.  Is it really worth racking up all this debt to get your divorce settled?  Or like our client said, do you want to spend you kids college money?  I don’t think so.

We are a flat fee full service divorce firm that helps prepare your divorce documents. It is our goal to leave you in a better financial condition when your done instead of a worse financial condition.

Give us a call for a free over the phone consultation to discuss how we can help you.

Divorce Doesn’t Have To Cost You A Fortune In Santa Clarita

Divorce Doesn’t Have To Cost You A Fortune In Santa Clarita

That’s right, divorce does not have to cost you a fortune with companies like ours providing fixed cost full service divorce options.  Yet, the average cost of a divorce prepared by an attorney averages $15,000….  Per person!

To be honest with you, we feel it is flat out ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a process that, we believe, should never have to end up in court or even involve the legal system to begin with.

Most people don’t have a case full of money just sitting around waiting for a reason to spend it.  When I worked at a law firm, almost everybody that came through there put the entire cost on credit cards.  And when one card would decline because it would be maxed out, they would just put another credit care on file and charge that one up also.

Sometimes, the only thing that would bring people to their senses was the bill they would receive each month.  The law firm would do all kinds of discovery and production of documents and that sort of thing one month and then next they get their bill.  Every time the invoices went out, we would get clients calling us asking what they can do to settle the case.

I would always think to myself why people would spend so much money to get divorced.  I feel it came down to the fact that there can be so much anger and emotion behind it.  The more emotion the hire the bill for the attorney.  Not a bad business to be in, but for me, I prefer a more honorable approach and help people get through divorce amicably when possible.

I know that getting divorced can be emotional, but if you treat it more like the end of a business relationship you will fare much better.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss how we can help you avoid spending a fortune on your divorce.


Santa Clarita Divorce Service Cheaper Than A Cup Of Coffee

Santa Clarita Divorce Service Cheaper Than A Cup Of Coffee

If you have you have ever been in a sales career, you probably have also attended one or more sales seminars.  In these sales seminars you are supposed to learn how to convince people how to purchase your produce or service.

One of the ways they would show you how to do this is to break the price into a monthly amount (like when you are buying a car) instead of focusing on the total cost.

But the classic one is where you are supposed to tell people that your service is cheaper than a cup of coffee.  And since you buy a cup of coffee every day, all you have to do is give up your coffee and voila you can afford whatever you want.

While getting divorced in not one of life’s essentials, nor is it something you should give up your Starbucks for, it is something that an overwhelming majority of families in California go through every year.

Getting divorced can be one of life’s financial setbacks if you allow it.  It can end up being a major purchase like a house or a car or you can be wise about how you spend your money.  We are here to help you keep your money in your pocket by providing our fixed fee divorce service.

We are truly trying to change the way people go about getting a divorce.  Going through it is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to also have to spend years trying to pay off the debt or building back up your 401k you liquidated to pay for your attorneys fees, just so you could get divorced.

Our clients have been extremely satisfied with the service we have provided for them in helping them complete their divorce.

We are a full service divorce legal document preparation service.  Let us help you save your money to you don’t have to give up your coffee.

Divorce Is Not Something You Want To Gamble With | Santa Clarita

Divorce Is Not Something You Want To Gamble With | Santa Clarita

There are bad apples in every industry.  Whether it be the shady salesman or some widget you bought that broke the second you got it home.

The legal industry is not any different.  Especially in the field we are in preparing legal documents for people.  There are strict licensing requirements needed to qualify to do what we do.  Most people are not able to get the certification that we have.  This is proven by the fact that in over 10 years, less than 600 folks in Los Angeles County are able to legally prepare divorce documents directly to the public as we do.

The problem is that their is little to no regulation of these companies and they normally fly under radar.  It would not be such a problem, except that there are so many of them out there.

We say that divorce is not something you want to gamble with.  We mean that you should not throw the dice and chose to work with these characters out there saying they prepare divorce documents or any other legal documents for that matter.

But how do you really know if they are above board or not?  There is truly only one way.  You have to ask them to provide their Legal Document Assistant Identification.

When one is authorized by the County of Los Angeles to provide legal document assistance, they issue a identification card.  I have actually written about this and posted a picture of my actual legal document assistant license.  In fact if you are on this website you can see it scroll across our featured news area.

Hopefully you will only get divorced once in your lifetime.  When you have to, make sure you work with the best the industry has to offer.  We have many clients that fell victim to these companies who did a horrible job attempting to prepare their divorce forms whom made it even more difficult to fix.