Attorney Last Resort When Divorcing | Santa Clarita

Attorney Last Resort When Divorcing | Santa Clarita

Of course, this is just my opinion, but I firmly believe that an attorney should be used during your divorce, only as a last resort.

There are many people that share my opinion that attorneys, and the legal system, should not be involved in divorce matters.

Of court, attorneys do not believe this, but mediators, family law counselors, facilitators, marriage counselors and the like all feel that divorce would be better handled outside the legal system.

So if using an attorney is the last resort when getting divorced, then what are your other options?  Lets explore this.

First, you have companies such as ours which provide affordable divorce document preparation.  We provide a full service divorce process that can get most divorces completed.  Even ones that have some issues that are being contested.

We will show you how to use the courts free services to come to an agreement on issues that have not been agreed upon yet.

The next step, if there were still outstanding issues that you needed help on would be to pay for a mediator to help resolve your issues.  When I have cases where the parties cannot agree on something, I will refer them to a local Santa Clarita mediator.

This is a paid service, where you and your spouse will sit down with a Lawyer together.  This lawyer is a neutral third party who does not represent either one of you, rather it is their job to explain the law and what the potential outcomes may be so that you can make an informed decision.

It is recommended that you spend as much time as it takes to reach an agreement.

If you still cannot come to an agreement, then you might have to hire an attorney.  Just be aware that once you do this you can expect many more issues to arise.  Why is this?  Because it is the attorney’s job to fight for you and your rights.   You spouse’s attorney is going to do the same thing.

This is not really an environment that invites agreement.

Try to use the steps as outlined above when possible and use an attorney for your divorce only as a last resort.