Divorce Is Not Something You Want To Gamble With | Santa Clarita

Divorce Is Not Something You Want To Gamble With | Santa Clarita

There are bad apples in every industry.  Whether it be the shady salesman or some widget you bought that broke the second you got it home.

The legal industry is not any different.  Especially in the field we are in preparing legal documents for people.  There are strict licensing requirements needed to qualify to do what we do.  Most people are not able to get the certification that we have.  This is proven by the fact that in over 10 years, less than 600 folks in Los Angeles County are able to legally prepare divorce documents directly to the public as we do.

The problem is that their is little to no regulation of these companies and they normally fly under radar.  It would not be such a problem, except that there are so many of them out there.

We say that divorce is not something you want to gamble with.  We mean that you should not throw the dice and chose to work with these characters out there saying they prepare divorce documents or any other legal documents for that matter.

But how do you really know if they are above board or not?  There is truly only one way.  You have to ask them to provide their Legal Document Assistant Identification.

When one is authorized by the County of Los Angeles to provide legal document assistance, they issue a identification card.  I have actually written about this and posted a picture of my actual legal document assistant license.  In fact if you are on this website you can see it scroll across our featured news area.

Hopefully you will only get divorced once in your lifetime.  When you have to, make sure you work with the best the industry has to offer.  We have many clients that fell victim to these companies who did a horrible job attempting to prepare their divorce forms whom made it even more difficult to fix.