People Glad They Found Our Santa Clarita Divorce Service

People Glad They Found Our Santa Clarita Divorce Service

I had a client call me today and the first words out of their mouth was how glad they were to have found our divorce service.  This client actually came across our divorce website that serves Los Angeles.

In addition, she paid us several other compliments during the course of our conversation, which I thought would be good to share with others.

One of the first things I like to do when someone calls, aside from answering their specific questions, is to explain exactly what we do and how our service works.  The next thing I like to do is explain the entire divorce process so that there is an understanding by our clients of how the process works.

After I explained the divorce process, this client (who signed up for services right over the phone) said that she had spoke with three attorneys prior to calling us and said for the first time, she understood what was going to happen.

I told her that it just might be possible that attorneys want to keep their clients in the dark and not educate them so they have to continue to use their services.

This brings me to the next compliment she mentioned. She stated that she had watched several of our videos and had learned quite a bit about the divorce process simply from the videos.  I advised her that we want our clients informed.  In fact, the more informed the easier the process is for everyone.  When you work with us, you are representing yourself, so you have to be more involved than you would when taking direction from a lawyer.

So in a matter of 15 minutes on the phone we were able to completely inform this new client about our services, explain the divorce process and get her started on her way to getting the divorce completed.

We are here to help, not make things more complicated.  When we were done speaking, she said how glad she was to have found our Santa Clarita divorce Service.