Are You Overwhelmed By The Divorce Process | Santa Clarita

Are You Overwhelmed By The Divorce Process | Santa Clarita

Are you overwhelmed by the divorce process?  Perhaps you use the word frustrated when you think about divorce.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this mess of divorce and trying to figure it all out.

We get calls and emails from people everyday who have felt one or both the emotions above and realize that they need to get professional help in completing their divorce.

You have to wonder why the courts make it so difficult to complete a divorce.  And the difficulty comes in two varieties.  First, there is the paperwork to deal with.  You have to make sure your check the correct boxes and fill them out correctly.  You need this form if this happens and that form if that happens.

Next is the issues that arise due to the actual procedure.  The legal system is all about following proper procedure. Which forms have to be served.  Personally served or mail served?  What’s the difference?  What? I can’t serve the paperwork?

Just with the issues of paperwork and procedure there are hundreds of things that you can do wrong that will ultimately delay your case.  In most cases, it is harder to fix than to to just have done it correct in the first place.

Some of clients came to us after they had already started the process, thinking they were doing a pretty good job.  When we reviewed their documents we literally had to correct everything they had done so far up to that point.

Our recommendation is that you come to us first, before you start filling out and filing paperwork.  Of course, we welcome your business at any stage. We even take on cases where the parties have completed everything and even submitted their judgment, which they had rejected by the court.

No matter where you are at in the process, not started yet, in the middle or at the end, we can help complete your divorce for you so you don’t have to be overwhelmed.