Divorce Doesn’t Have To Cost You A Fortune In Santa Clarita

Divorce Doesn’t Have To Cost You A Fortune In Santa Clarita

That’s right, divorce does not have to cost you a fortune with companies like ours providing fixed cost full service divorce options.  Yet, the average cost of a divorce prepared by an attorney averages $15,000….  Per person!

To be honest with you, we feel it is flat out ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a process that, we believe, should never have to end up in court or even involve the legal system to begin with.

Most people don’t have a case full of money just sitting around waiting for a reason to spend it.  When I worked at a law firm, almost everybody that came through there put the entire cost on credit cards.  And when one card would decline because it would be maxed out, they would just put another credit care on file and charge that one up also.

Sometimes, the only thing that would bring people to their senses was the bill they would receive each month.  The law firm would do all kinds of discovery and production of documents and that sort of thing one month and then next they get their bill.  Every time the invoices went out, we would get clients calling us asking what they can do to settle the case.

I would always think to myself why people would spend so much money to get divorced.  I feel it came down to the fact that there can be so much anger and emotion behind it.  The more emotion the hire the bill for the attorney.  Not a bad business to be in, but for me, I prefer a more honorable approach and help people get through divorce amicably when possible.

I know that getting divorced can be emotional, but if you treat it more like the end of a business relationship you will fare much better.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss how we can help you avoid spending a fortune on your divorce.