Don’t Spend Children’s College Tuition On Your Divorce | Santa Clarita

Don’t Spend Children’s College Tuition On Your Divorce | Santa Clarita

“I want to save my money so I can send my kids to college.  I don’t want to spend it on an attorney to get divorced.”  That was what a new client of ours said when I asked her why she chose to work with us instead of hiring an attorney.

It was one of the smartest things I heard someone say, and one of the most rational as well.  With the average cost of a divorce in California averaging $15,000, per person, who wants to throw that kind of money away.

Either way you look at it, it is bad news.  You are either spending your savings and investment money, or lacking that, going further into debt to foot the bill for your divorce attorney.

Having rational clients like this is probably one of the biggest differences than those I would encounter when working at the law firm.  Folks that hire attorneys appear to want to fight it out and make decisions based on emotions.

Our self represented clients treat the process much more like a business transaction and work to come to agreements where possible.  Where not possible, we help them settle their differences by using the courts free mediation services.

Before you run out and hire an attorney for your divorce, stop and think about the true costs of taking this action.  Is it really worth racking up all this debt to get your divorce settled?  Or like our client said, do you want to spend you kids college money?  I don’t think so.

We are a flat fee full service divorce firm that helps prepare your divorce documents. It is our goal to leave you in a better financial condition when your done instead of a worse financial condition.

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