Problems With Self Preparing Divorce Forms | Santa Clarita

Problems With Self Preparing Divorce Forms | Santa Clarita

There are many problems one can face when attempting to self prepare your own divorce forms.  These problems can stem from procedural issues to how to properly prepare certain forms.  Let’s discuss some of the issues.

Form Completion Problems

There are many areas you can run into trouble when completing the divorce forms.  Any little mistake will result in the form having to re redone and will ultimately end with your divorce not being able to be finalized.  There are many blanks and check boxes on the divorce forms.  Some of the choices are filled with legalese making your decision on which box to check confusing.

Admittedly, when i first started learning about family law and how to prepare divorce forms several years ago, I would often think how similar all the forms are.  Some even have similar sounding names, just to add to the confusion.  Do you really need a forms called, “Declaration Regarding Service of Declaration of Disclosure”?

Procedural Issues

Here, we are talking about which forms need to be served on your spouse, which forms only get served and not filed and what forms get filed and served.  Yes, those are the several options you have.  Each form is treated a little different and unless you deal with them day in and day out like we do, it is easy to make a mistake.

Not following proper procedure is a big issue during your divorce and can cause extensive setbacks.  If you improperly serve a form, say for instance, mailing something that should have been personally served.

These issue happen all the time.  Unfortunately, many folks go through the entire divorce process with no idea they are doing many things wrong.  Only until they attempt to submit their judgment do they realize how many problems they have caused by self preparing their own divorce.

Call us to avoid running into these types of problems when filing for divorce.  We specialize in divorce and can make the process smooth and painless.