What Boxes Do I Check On Divorce Judgment Forms | Santa Clarita Divorce

What Boxes Do I Check On Divorce Judgment Forms | Santa Clarita Divorce

One of the biggest challenges when representing yourself during divorce is regarding how to complete the divorce judgment forms and what boxes should you check.

Up to this point, you have filed the summons and petition, the Respondent either filed a response or they didn’t and you may have completed your financial disclosures.  What forms that were required depend upon what type of divorce judgment you are filing.

On the judgment forms there are a series of boxes to check.  In fact, if you use the judgment forms and all the attachments to the judgment, you are looking at about 25 pages of check boxes and fill in the blanks to figure out.

If you were self preparing your divorce forms up to this point and thought it was difficult, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I get lots of calls from people who are really struggling on the divorce judgment forms.  Whether it is their first time through them or just trying to figure what forms they need.

Other people have spent several months having their divorce judgment forms rejected time and time again and still are having trouble.

If you are having trouble with any portion of your divorce paperwork, please feel free to give us a call. We help people that have not started their divorce to those who have completed everything but the judgment.

We even have a judgment review process where we will go over your entire case from beginning to end to make sure all the documents you filed up to this point were done correctly.  Some of the times, the reason the judgment was rejected was due to some error months ago with the previous forms you filed, forgot to file or in instances where you did not follow proper court procedure.

We specialize in only divorce and can help you get your divorce completed quickly.