We Can Finish Your Santa Clarita Divorce

We Can Finish Your Santa Clarita Divorce

Well, the calls keep coming in with folks who need help finalizing their divorce.  Trying to do your own divorce is a daunting task with all there is to know and learn about the divorce process.

But as I have mentioned in previous articles, the courts have one little dirty secret.  Want to know what it is?

The court is not reviewing any of your forms you complete and file with the court.  Everything you have done up to this point has not been reviewed by the court.

The first time anyone will look over your divorce documents is when you go to file your final judgment paperwork. Only then does someone go over your forms, and with a fine tooth comb.

That said, folks are left with a false sense of security in thinking they have done everything right along the way.  As hard as you have worked to get the forms right, you come to learn that you did it all wrong and have to start over, re-file forms or worse, not even know what you did wrong.

I had another call today from someone who just got tired of going to the court to try to figure it out.  They made me laugh, when they said they were tired of having to go wait in long lines to get into court, go through the metal detectors and then wait in line again at the self help center.  Nobody said it would be fun.

You are not alone if you share these frustrations in trying to get through your divorce.  Especially after you have submitted your judgment, thought everything was just fine, then 3 months later have your divorce judgment rejected.

Well, there is help.  We can do a complete review of your divorce paperwork if you have had it rejected.  We can even do the review before you submit it to make sure that everything is done right.

We will go through every form you have filed, check to make sure everything is filled out correctly, make any necessary changes and then complete the final judgment paperwork.

For more information about our judgment review process, please give us a call.