Moved From Orange County To Los Angeles : Where To File Your Divorce Case

When you are going through a divorce or about to start your divorce and you move, especially move to different county, you are going to have to decide where you want to file your divorce case. Keep in mind that there are ruled of where you can file as discussed below.

We had new clients that fell into this situation. They lived in Orange County where they were selling their home and in the meantime, both spouses moved to Los Angeles County. The problem the occurs here is that on the divorce Petition form FL-100, it states that at least one of the spouses in the divorce has to have lived in the State of California for at least 6 months and lives in the County they are filing for divorce in at least 3 months immediately prior to filing for divorce in that County.

So the question became where do we file their divorce case? In Los Angeles or Orange County? Here is what was decided and why. They had lived in Orange County for some time and had their primary residence there. Even though they have moved out of Orange County recently, they had most recently lived in Orange County for the 3 months prior to filing for divorce. Another problem that there was is that it would be difficult to file for divorce in Orange County using Los Angeles County addresses. The courts would call that into question.

So what we did is had them use their current address in Orange County so we could file the case in Orange County now. The other thing we could have done is wait the 3 months to file their divorce case in Los Angeles County. But as you can probably guess, waiting was not something that they wanted to consider. So we are filing their divorce case in Orange County.

I wanted to write and article and shoot a quick video on this because many folks find themselves moving either prior to starting their divorce or after filing their divorce. If you move out after filing for divorce, that does not change anything with the courts. Just make sure to complete a change of address with the court.

Where you live is only a concern when move prior to filing for divorce.

Just remember. Per the divorce Petition, you must live in California for 6 months and in the County for 3 months prior to filing for divorce in that county.

Santa Clarita Do-It-Yourself Online Divorce Service

Not only do we have our full service divorce process in Santa Clarita and throughout California, but we also have a Do-It-Yourself online divorce service as well.  This online divorce service is much different than any other online divorce service in California.

We have put together and online membership site for divorce that has all the information you need to file and complete your divorce in California.

We understand that not everyone can afford our full service divorce process and we wanted a way to give folks who are trying to do their own divorce access to all the forms and information they will need to complete their own divorce without having to wait in long lines at the court’s divorce self help centers.

Our Do-It-Yourself online divorce service will provided everything from uncontested divorce to contested divorces. Literally every form you would need to go all the way through to trial in your divorce case.  We also have step by step procedures and examples of how to file a Request For Order (motions) so you can get a court date.

We are constantly adding information to our online divorce site and even if you come across something you can’t find the answer to, just let us know and we will add that specific content.  No problem.

We also offer a weekly live broadcast where you can ask questions via Periscope!  This allows direct interaction with the companies owner.  You can go to Periscope and search for Tim Blankenship using the twitter id of @timsblankenship.

We are glad to bring this affordable do-it-yourself California divorce service so everyone has the opportunity to obtain great divorce assistance and guidance without having to wait in line at the Court’s self help centers.  If you have ever been to one of California’s divorce self help centers, you know what I mean.

121: 4 Reasons Your California Divorce Request To Enter Default Is Rejected

In this episode, we will talk about the reasons why your California divorce request to enter default is rejected.

We’re talking about reasons why you may get your request to enter default rejected.

We had a new client come to use after having their request to enter default rejected and there’s a specific reason why it is rejected and I’ve talked about that in detail because it was something new we hadn’t seen.

But I’m going to go over the top four reasons why your request to enter default will get rejected.

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120: Benefits Of An Uncontested Divorce In California

In this episode, we will talk about uncontested divorce and the benefits of uncontested divorce in California and the difference between contested divorce to uncontested divorce.

We’re talking about what’s some of the benefits are of going through an uncontested divorce in California. And when we say uncontested we basically mean the parties are attempting to work through their divorce.

And come to a conclusion or a decision on everything that’s involved with divorce on their own as opposed to allowing it to go the way of attorneys or in enough where in the courts in the divorce courts.

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119: Are You Waiting To File Your California Divorce

In this episode, we would like to talk about if you are waiting to file your California divorce. What you can do in this situation and the time frame for your California divorce.

And I just want to talk to you a little bit about the fact that if you are waiting to file for divorce because many people do that’s why I’m bringing this up.

Seems that every year, right around thanksgiving people start to put off those things that they need to do such as getting a divorce and rightfully so I imagine during the holidays what people tell me is they want to wait until the holidays are over or they don’t want to mess up the holidays or upset the family any more than going through divorce is going to do.

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118: Another Reason We Don’t Like California Summary Dissolutions

In this episode, we will discuss another reason why we don’t like California summary dissolution and what are your other way around it.

You know I’m not a big proponent of them and I’ll give you several alternatives to the summary dissolution option.

People think it’s a good option, I don’t think it is and here’s one more reason why I don’t like the summary dissolution.

This lady called me, she had filed a summary dissolution and she had it rejected by the court. The reason it was rejected by the court is because she had marked on there that she had been married for more than five years.

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117: Would You Attend A California Divorce Live Broadcast Question and Answer Session

We do lots of videos that are up on YouTube and the various video channels and blogs and podcast we had a lot of content out there for folks.

And one thing I wanted to find out from folks is we have been considering doing a live broadcast where we would have a live streaming feed.

And we will obviously promote this.

That we’d have a streaming feed where at a certain time, you could come to our website, log in to our website and watch a pre-planned live broadcasters like you do on TV.

And what we’ll be doing is essentially answering questions live that either were asked of us prior to the appearance of the live stream or that are asks during the live stream because we do have a chat features.

And if we had no one actually asks questions we can answer some of the top 10 questions, top 20 questions, what are the most frequently asked questions about Divorce.

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116: Will Same Sex Marriages Cause Divorce Boom

In this episode, we will talk about how same sex marriage affects divorce in California and will it cause divorce to boom or not.

We are talking about Gay Divorce rates. And the topic of, if you think there’s going to be a boom amongst folks that were gay and then who had married.

I was talking to an attorney over the weekend. And he seems to think that there is going to be a boom when it comes to Gay Divorce.

The reason being obviously is that we’re just–a lot of States have had the gay marriage going on for quite some time.

Some States are just getting on board. But as more and more gay people get married, the idea or the thought here is that there’s going to be more Divorce cases overall, both straight and gay Divorces.

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115: Why File Lancaster Palmdale Default Divorce When Parties Agree

In this episode, we are going to talk about Lancaster – Palmdale divorce and why will you file for default divorce in Lancaster – Palmdale when you and your spouse agreed to have an agreement on your divorce.

We’re talking about specifically filing a default judgment even though the parties have agreed.

There are time when you wanted to do a default style case, this is where you file, serve your spouse and the other spouse does absolutely nothing.

One of the cases that we find this helps is if you have no property, you have no children or limited property or you can have children but it is easier if there’s no children and if the property is separate property is you can purposely do a default even if the parties agreed.

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