Thanksgiving Camping A Bust, But Still Nice Holiday

For the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, I was on Reserve America just about every hour in an attempt to book a late camping spot at the beach.

I booked 4 different camp spots at different beach locations, slowly finding places closer to home so we did not have to drive to far.

The first spot was at Silver Strand in Coronado, San Diego right on the beach. I was excited to go there because I had never been and we had a beach row spot which all the reviews said if you were not on beach row, don’t waste your time.

Then I found a spot at El Capitan. This is much closer, just an hour or so away, but the goal was to get Carpenteria. Just a few days prior to Thanksgiving, I found a spot at Carpenteria. It was not the best spot, and not right on the beach, but did have full hookups so it would be good enough.

The Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving, I picked up the motorhome and got gas and filled up the propane tanks. We had groceries in the fridge and the turkey fryer in the motorhome. We were all set to go Wednesday morning.

My daughter was home visiting from UCLA so all as good to go.

Then Wednesday morning came and my wife was not feeling well and had a fever. Our daughter wakes up and she too is not feeling well.

So we decide to wait a few hours to see if their condition improved and, well, it did not. So I made the decision that we should not go.

So we unloaded the motorhome and took it back to the place we store it.

I was sad because I worked hard to get this camping spot and we had decided that Thanksgiving Camping and Christmas camping was going to be our tradition. Well, we didn’t make it even one year…

Today is Monday and my wife is still ill. She spent 5 hours at urgent care on Sunday and finally got some antibiotics. So it was good we did not go. She was sick, and still is sick, and I am sure being out in the cold would not have made her feel any better.  My daughter also was sick all weekend, throwing up in the middle of the night on Saturday.

That said, we were all together and did not have to travel to family which was nice. We had our Thanksgiving Turkey which came out great in the turkey fryer.

So it is back to the grind today and time to get back to work. I am thankful to have been able to close down shop from Wednesday through Sunday to spend quality time with the family.

We also managed to not spend one dime on shopping. We are not the black Friday crazy people you see and in fact did not even go out except Sunday to go grab a quick bite at La Cocina or LACO as it is known apparently.

Hope you and yours had a nice Thanksgiving.