Tim Blankenship @ Divorce661.com | 8-18-15

I swear, when you have a business and try to take a few days off, it is like when you were a kid going to school and you miss a few days of school.

What they say is that you have to double the amount of time you miss because not only do you miss those days, but you fall behind on top of having to do the new work.

That sure has happened to me.

And I only took 2 days off. I suppose this is a good problem to have, having a lot of work to do seeing as that is what i do for income.

I returned lest Wednesday and am still playing catch up. Between the current case load and the new cases we take on, it is keeping me very busy.

This week we started 5 new divorce cases and it is only Tuesday.

I talked about the “divorce season” starting when the kids go back to school. and I sure was correct as this week has been very busy.

Okay, I have to talk a little bit about the camping trip I went on.  I talked a lot about going camping at 9,500 feet and how I was concerned about getting altitude sickness.  Well, after all that talk and worry, our campsite was at only 6,000 feet.  So we were fine.

The site we had was nice, had a stream right behind the motorhome and we fished, hiked and had a great time.  I will see if I can slip some pictures in here.

Just a short post today.  Kids are back in school, work is humming and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Oh, speaking of which, has anyone ever deep fried a turkey?  I really want to try it this year. I just need to order the deep fryer early because home depot, Lowe’s and Wal-Mart sell out every year very fast.

Until next time.