Tim Blankenship @ Divorce661.Com Weekend Review 8-2-15

I think I decided that these “Tim’s personal Blog” posts will have a little more structure.  Things like, ” family, work and random stuff” since I am so all over the place. At least you will know where my mind is at.  So let’s try this.

My Divorce Paralegal Business:

Okay, it is now Sunday and the weekend went so fast, as always.  This is especially true since I worked most of the weekend. Not with work with customers, but in the things one does when you own a business.

For me, that usually equates to marketing and coming up with new ideas for getting exposure and finding a way to assist people with family law related issues affordably.

One thing I have been talking about for a few months now is developing a membership website where people can login and pay a nominal monthly or one time fee to get all the information about divorce that I have created over the years.  Essentially a site where someone can pay a small fee and access my brain via recorded videos where they can do everything from learn how to file for an uncontested divorce to taking their divorce case to trial.

I think having everything on an “on demand” how to site will be huge. I’ve been talking about it for about a year and don’t know whey I have put it off.

The Family:

So aside from working on my business this weekend, I had to help my mom purchase a new car. All i want to say is that it is the same BS for the last 30 years buying a car.  Why don’t car salesman reailze that the best way to sell a car is to focus on the customer and not on yourself.

So here is what happened.  I called a local Valencia Hyundai dealership here in Santa Clarita to begin the process of purchasing a vehicle for my mom. We had the exact vehicle she wanted so this should have been quite simple.

Well, leave it to a car salesperson to mess it all up.  This could have been the easiest sale of his life. But instead, this turned out to be a complete waste of our time.

What happened is that this Hyundai salesperson did not disclose all the facts about the vehicle.  We were looking for a Hyundai Tucson GLS that had a back up camera. He told us that the Hyundai GLS did not come with a back up camera and that we had to upgrade to the SE version which had the back up camera and a bunch of things we didn’t want at an additional cost of $4,500.

the short story is that all he wanted to do was sell us a vehicle he had at his dealership.

So, here is what happened.  It was late on a Saturday night and put on Facebook that I was disappointed with the care buying experience at Valencia Hyundai and my friends response from people saying they could sell me a car to friends that had husbands who could broker a deal to people who said, “use Costco.”

So I went to the Costco website and entered my info.  The next morning I received a call from the closest dealership to my mom. She lives in Apple Valley so the closest Hyundai Dealership was Ontario Hyundai that was a Costco approved dealership. The person that called me was named Brian Webb with Romero Mazda Hyundai in Ontario CA.  His Cell number is 909-618-2461.(You know what? I am going to write a totally separate post about Brian Webb at Romero Hyundai Mazda) because he deserves the recognition of doing an awesome job.  Click on that link.

By the way Brian Webb, if you ever change dealerships or phone number email or call me and I will update this post….

How do you explain excellence? By referring people who you would refer your own mother to. I really hope this and the article specifically about Brian Webb at Romero Mazda Hyundai help with his career.

The short story is I logged into Costco and was provided the closest Costco approved dealership. Brian Webb emailed and called me at 9 a.m. on a Sunday and by 4 p.m. my mom was driving home in her new Hyundai Tucson with all the perks she wanted.


So I literally did not leave the house this entire weekend.  It was all spent on the phone, text and email. It is now Sunday at about 5 p.m. and I still have a lot of work to do for the business.j

Until tomorrow. Tim