Tim Blankenship & Divorce661 Is Everywhere

I had to laugh. I met with a client the other day in my office and as I always ask, “how did you hear about us?”

He says, ” I saw you everywhere!”

So here is how he explained it.

He said he was first referred to us by a friend who had used our service.  Then he looked us up online and said he found us everywhere.  He found our blog, videos, podcast, awesome reviews and even read several of my articles.

I have to admit that it is pretty cool to do this whole online marketing thing.  Online marketing really provided freedom in advertising.

What I tell my wife is that writing all the articles and recording all the videos and podcasts does two things.

It either makes you like me or hate me.

Why would I say that?

Well, you know that we all make assumptions about people before we ever meet them. And we can’t help it.

For instance, I can look at someone and know everything about them and whether I will like them or hate them.

Of course, I am wrong every time.  But you get what I am talking about here.

When people read my articles, watch my videos or listen to my podcast, they make a decision.

The decide if they like me or hate me.

The people who, in that split second, decide they don’t like me, will never call me.

And I am okay with that!

Why? Because they won’t waste my time by calling me.

Now, on the other hand. The people who do like me, call me, and we have instant rapport.

See where I am going with this.

Try to get that from some written magazine article.