Tim Blankenship | Santa Clarita CA | July 27, 2015

Well, I have finally started what my wife urged me to do about 2 years ago.  And that was to start making personal entries, or blog posts, on to my blog.  She said it would be a good way to just write about myself and our family and a way for people to connect.

My over 1200 blog posts i have written over the years have been strictly work related and I never really talk about me or my family. It makes sense to have some personal entries where i can just write.  I mean, i have made over 800 videos and podcasts and my reasoning is that if people watch me or listen to me and say, ” i don’t like that guy”, well i just saved myself some time from having them have to call me.  I think these personal entries will do the same thing. And also so that my clients and readers of the blog see me as a real person.

That is probably one of the biggest things i wanted to accomplish with my business. I wanted to have a personal service.  Not some online, virtual type of service but a business that people could get real help and talk to real people to get the answers and help they need with issues related to divorce.

So today is Monday, July 27, 2015, and I just got back from a walk/run with our dog Hudson.  Until this past Friday, we had two dogs, the other one’s name is Scout, and we had to put him down on Friday unfortunately. He had cancer and tumors all over his body.  He had surgery to remove some a few months ago, but more just grew back despite having him on steroids which were supposed to shrink the tumors.  This weekend was a hard one to get through.

So I decided that I would make this Monday the day I start running again.  I have been an avid runner and hit the gym regularly, but an injury in 2014 to my shoulder took me out of the game for a while.  Then honestly, I just got lazy and it was hard to get back into.

So today I took our other, younger lab, Hudson  for a run. He is going on 3 years old and since Friday, when we put Scout down, he has been acting a little strange.  A little depressed i would say. This happened to Scout when we put our first dog down “Saber”.  Scout became depressed and we had to get his mind of things by walking him more etc.  So this is what I am going to do with Hudson.  Keep him busy (and me busy) and take him on  runs every morning.  Well, at least that is the plan.

Having just returned from my run, and still sweating, i am writing the article from my house while I wait for my son, Justin, to get out of summer school at Valencia High School.  My first appointment today at the office is not until 10:30 a.m., so i have some time to work from home before picking him up and then going to the office.

It is nice to have the ability to work from home for an hour or two, or just to have the flexibility.  I have everything to run my business from my home, but i do prefer to work from the office.  Is is just after 8:30 a.m. and I received an email from both my employees that they have arrived to work. It is nice to have staff so the business keeps on running smoothly.

I guess it is time to start doing my marketing.  I spend probably 6 out of every 8 hours working on growing the business by writing blog posts. social media, recording videos and podcasts and then uploading them. This is how i have grown the business over the last few years and people who find us usually say they found us online reading some article or watching a video or listening to a podcast.

My mom’s birthday is coming up on July 29th and I am making a point not to forget.  I am usually bad with birthdays, my excuse is that i am working all the time and super busy, but that is no excuse. Maybe these blog posts will be a good way to remind myself of things.  One could only hope.

I think that is it for this mornings post, time to get ready to get to the office.  Gladly I live in Santa Clarita and my office is only 5 minutes from my home.  Until tomorrow.