Trying To Change My Attitude On Life

I have to first admit that I classify myself as more of a realist. This is just a fancy term I guess for being somewhat negative minded or at least more of “expect the worst but hope for the best” kind of mentality.

I know that is supposed to be different, but I do find myself not surprised when things go wrong. Almost like i expected it to go wrong.

Not that things go wrong often, but rather I am learning that it is my perspective on things that shape our reality. Deep right? But what I am working on, and maybe it is a sign of getting older, is trying to have a better outlook on life and not be so stressed out about things that don’t matter or that have even happened yet.

I will give you an example. My wife surprises me on Sunday night and randomly makes reservations at an RV Resort in Needles, CA., called Pirates Cove. I love taking our motorhome out and love the Colorado River, but my mind instantly goes to concern.

My first thoughts. How long is the drive? Did we get river front? Is it full hookups? And a thousand other things flood through my head. How about, “Sounds awesome, let’s go!”

But I am working on it and making improvements. I am at the point where I can actually detect when I am thinking negative and sort of catch myself to make a change in my thoughts or perspective.

This is huge for me and a good first step.

I even catch myself while driving being annoyed by drivers, the way they drive, etc., you know what I mean. I caught myself the other day and said, “who cares, I’ll get home, not need to rush home” (on my 5 minute commute from my office to my house)

I have to tell you, the little change in mindset had made a huge difference. It is almost as if the world will deliver what your expectations are, to a degree.

Think something bad will happen and perhaps it will or at least a situation will be seen through a certain filter that presents itself that way. Think something good and maybe that will happen as well.

As an example, while we were driving to Pirates Cove in Needles, CA, i just tried to focus on the good things and fun and relaxing we will enjoy. And wouldn’t you know it, we’re having a great time.

Yes, I have had a few relapses along the way thinking negative, but feel it is a good leap forward in at least catching myself so I can make adjustments along the way.

Again, don’t know what changed, but it is definitely for the good.  I was even talking to a client about this last week who was the one to bring it up. He said he was angry, mad at everything, traffic.. had road rage, etc., and one day it just stopped. He said he does not know what changed, but that life is much better and he is much happier.

So here is to being happy and trying to see the good in things, even if the aren’t and maybe, just maybe or thoughts change the way we perceive things.