Uncontested California Divorce And In Agreement : Best Way To File Your California Divorce

Uncontested California Divorce And In Agreement : Best Way To File Your California Divorce


If you are going to file for divorce in California you need to know that there are different ways you can file your divorce case. The divorce process is the same in the beginning with what forms you file, but procedurally there are different ways of finalizing your California divorce.

For instance, you can file a default divorce, default with agreement, default with no agreement or uncontested divorce case.

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All California divorce cases start the same. You file your divorce petition and summons. And if you have children you file a form FL-105 UCCJEA. In addition, your County may have a local form you need to file to establish jurisdiction which is fancy talk for proving where you live so they know you are filing your California divorce in the correct County and branch court.

But how you finalize your California divorce depends on a few factors. The purpose of this article is to discuss the best way to file your California divorce if you are in agreement.

What we are talking about here is what we call a “hybrid divorce” also known as a default with agreement.

A California divorce default with agreement case is very similar to an uncontested California divorce. The only difference is that you do not file a response!

But you are probably asking yourself, ” If I don’t respond, how can I be a part of the divorce?” Good question by the way!

The answer is found in a little known process known as “default WITH agreement”.

You see, people here the word, “default” and they automatically assume this means the other party did not appear or respond (which is true) and assume this means “True Default” which means they are not participating at all

The nice thing about a “default with agreement” type case is you get all the advantages of participating in the divorce without having to pay the filing fee for filing your Response.

With all our our clients, that is how we handle your California divorce case. If you are in an agreement with your divorce we will purposely have you not file the Response so you can save on the court fees. This helps offset the costs of using our service and makes it make or sense to hire us for your California divorce rather than doing it yourself.

Many people come to us after they have filed the divorce petition and their spouse filed the divorce response, but they tell me they are in agreement. If that is the case, they just wasted that Response filing fee.

Here is the short story. If you are in agreement, the best way to handle your divorce is a default WITH agreement. You get both get to participate in your California divorce and not have to pay the second court filing fee.

Call us, we can help. Whether you have already started your California divorce and need help finalizing or are just getting started.