Uncontested Divorce Benefits | Santa Clarita Divorce | Divorce661.com

Uncontested Divorce Benefits | Santa Clarita Divorce | Divorce661.com

There are many benefits to going through an amicable, uncontested divorce in Santa Clarita.


Tim Blankenship here with Divorce661.com And in this video I want to talk about the benefits of an uncontested divorce in California.

So there are several the first one would be cost it’s going to be much more cost-effective to go through a divorce through a service like ours in an uncontested fashion where we charge flat fees you don’t have to go to court.

There’s no attorney. Retainers there’s no trials and so forth that’s definitely benefit. Number one is going to be cost. Number two is the speed at which your uncontested divorce can get processed because There’s no court, we bypass all of that processing and go straight to the clerk’s office for approval.

So you’re divorce will be completed within just a couple of weeks to a month or so, obviously, it’s still six months before It’s official in the state of California with the cooling off period. But internally, we can get it done, much quicker.

And thirdly, you guys get to call the shots. You make all the decisions, all the terms of the agreement, there’s no court appearance, we process the entire case for you and it’s all done for one low flat fee.