Use Divorce Court Judgment Forms Not Marital Settlement Agreement

The divorce process is difficult, no doubt about it.  From the form completion to ensuring you properly serve and file papers, many people who attempt to file their own California divorce will fail.

This is why we write so many articles about divorce and the process that will hopefully help folks getting through their divorce.  There is something in it for me, of course, and that is that i hope you will come across our divorce articles and videos and then reach out to us and hire us to prepare your divorce case for you.  I figure if i was helpful at some point, and then you need help or decide to hire someone, that you will come to me for help with your divorce.

This article (and video below) will discuss how to prepare your final divorce judgment, also known as Marital Settlement Agreement or MSA.

(watch video for full explanation)

The last part of a California divorce is to prepare the judgment.  This is where you incorporate all your agreements regarding the terms of your divorce.  In addition, there are numerous additional court forms that you will have to prepare along with the agreements.

This is the part that give people most of the trouble and here is what we recommend.

Instead of trying to use a Marital Settlement Agreement type of form where there is drawn out narrative that you probably found online and which wont be accepted by the court, instead use the court judgment forms.

If you look at the FL-180 which is the judgment face sheet, you will notice on page 2 that there are boxes you can check that relate to the type of order.  For instance, lets say child support and child custody as they are at the top. You can check those boxes then use the corresponding form for those orders.  In this case it would be the FL-342 and FL-343.

By using the court judgment forms instead of a MSA you will greatly increase your chances of having your California divorce judgment accepted and approved by the court.

If you need professional assistance with your divorce case please give us call.  We provide full service California divorce services at affordable rates.