Valencia Divorce : No Fault Divorce Means It Does Not Matter The Reason

It is a well known fact that in California, it does not matter who the wrong-doer is, if there is one, and the court’s do not care who did what or what the cause of the divorce is. I know that it is insensitive to say that, but nobody cares why you are getting divorce.

It is not that nobody cares, in that sense, but that it makes no difference with the outcome of your divorce who did what and does not matter who files for divorce.

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There are some clients of ours that despite the fact that it does not matter who did what to cause the divorce, that people still feel principled in who files for divorce.

First, let me say that it does not matter who files for divorce first. It does not matter. I don’t care what a divorce attorney told you. If a divorce attorney is telling you that you should be the first to file for divorce, you can bet that they are trying to find a way to make you retain them by putting pressure on you to file. (okay, got that out of my system)

So it does not matter who files for divorce. But (getting back to my point) some people feel that if the other spouse did something wrong, that they want to be the one to file the divorce case. As if they are filing against them because they were in the right and the other person did them wrong.

I hope I am explaining that right. Let me try to be clear here. Even if you feel that you are the one that your spouse wronged, you may feel that you need to be the one to file for divorce first because you were wronged, but it does not matter. Despite this being the case, there are those that want the feeling of “I was the one that filed for divorce” and not my spouse.

While this is fine, and again, does not make any difference, hopefully you will be able to put this emotion behind shortly thereafter so that you and your spouse can get through the divorce process amicable and without having to hire attorneys for your divorce just because you are emotional and mad at your spouse.