We Have Answered Every Question About California Divorce

I think we have answered just about every questions there is about divorce in California!  No, probably not possible, but we have written over 1000 articles about divorce thus far!

And we just keep on writing about California divorce, hoping to eventually hit every question you might have about divorce.

It is actually quite simple.  Ask us a question on the phone or via email and if we have not discussed that topic on our blogs, we will write about it. Even if it is a question we have wrote about, but has a slightly different twist to it, we will write about it again and explain the differences.

That is what is great about our blog.  There is so much information on it that it would blow your mind.  Between the articles we have written, the podcasts, the radio broadcasts and the videos we have recorded, you find out just about anything you need to know.

And if you could not find it, just call us.  We would be happy to answer. And then write about it if we hadn’t.

Whey do we do this?  For starters, because nobody else is.  It seems that lawyers, attorneys and the legal profession in mass want to keep you reliant on them.  The other reason is because by placing this information out there for our potential clients to read, well, brings us clients.

It’s not brain surgery.

But people always comment, “Tim, why do you tell everyone how to file for divorce and do their own divorce, etc., aren’t you shooting yourself in the foot”.

The answer is no.  There are those people that find our blogs, videos and podcasts and using those resources attempt to complete their divorce on their own.  These folks would have never used our services to begin with.  And I am glad that folks were able to use our resources to do so.

We are both providing a service by writing all these articles and it is also a marketing strategy we use.

It is simple.  People are looking for answers about divorce in California. They find us online with the answers. Then they call for our service.

We are a licensed and bonded legal document preparation service that specializes in divorce in California.  We are headquartered in Los Angeles County and can help you anywhere in California with your divorce.