What Forms Are Required For California Divorce Preliminary Declaration of Disclosure?

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with divorce661.com. In this video we’re talking about what is the preliminary declaration of disclosure.

So when you’re going through divorce, one party will file the other will respond. The next step is both parties need to prepare their preliminary declaration of disclosure and I get asked often what that is. So here’s what compromises the preliminary declaration disclosure. You have your FL 140, which is the declaration of disclosure.

It’s basically a face sheet and then you have the FL 142 which is a schedule of assets and debts, and you have the income and expense declaration which is the FL 150.

Those 3 forms is what comprises your declaration of disclosure, your preliminary declaration of disclosure when going through a divorce in California. Tim Blankenship, Divorce661.com, hope that video was helpful and take care.