Which California Divorce Forms Require Original Signatures

Which California Divorce Forms Require Original Signatures

Some forms you file with the court you can use a scanned signature and others require original signatures. For the most part you will need original signatures on the judgment and all final documents, however many of the California divorce forms can be scan or fax signatures including the initial Petition for divorce.

Below is a video that discusses these tips and accompanying transcription of the video.

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with divorce661.com and in this video, I want to talk about which California divorce forms can be like photocopied or scanned signatures and which copies, which divorce forms have to be original signatures.

So, the easiest way to remember this is for the most part the initial filing paperwork, so your summons, petition, your jurisdictional form, your UCCJEA, those do not have to be original signatures.

So, for our clients for instance this makes it easy for us to start the filing right away without even coming into our office in fact, most of our clients never step foot in our office the entire process, a lot of what we are able to do is via phone and email.

In fact, the whole thing is able to be done via phone and email but when we start your divorce case you can actually fax or scan your signatures to us for the initial filing.

Now on the financial disclosure, those can also be filed with a fax or scanned signature, if you’re going to do this for one reason or another you want to make sure that you keep a page, you have a blank signature page before the fax signature and then you write on that page that it’s a fax signature, you just have to have an extra signature page in front of the one with the signature that’s going to be a fax signature.

So, the initial filing paperwork, someone’s petition, your disclosures can be faxed signature but the judgment, your final paperwork, settlement agreement, all the procedural documentation, all of that has to be original signatures.

So, for us we get the case filed immediately because we can receive the summons and petition with faxed signatures, so we can get your case filed and then after that generally we will complete the remainder of your case in its entirety and send you via email for your review and once it’s approved you guys would sign it and I would need original signatures on everything at that point and mailed into our office so I could prepare it for court.

So faxed signatures on initial paperwork is fine but original signatures on everything else moving forward to finalize your divorce case.

Tim Blankenship divorce661.com, hope you’re having a great day and take care.