Why You Should Compromise During Your Valencia Divorce

The best thing you can do while going through a divorce in Valencia is to take the high road whenever you can. When you are going through an amicable divorce you are going to want to give more than you take to ensure the divorce process goes smooth.

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This goes for both parties. Both of you need to give more than you take. By doing so this will create an environment where it seems you are both willing to bend a bit on what you want out of the divorce.

I am always telling my clients that the alternative to not being flexible or not wanting to compromise is to hire attorneys and spend a ton of money on that.

Here is an example of spending money you shouldn’t. Let’s say that you guys are stuck over some piece of property or asset worth $5,000. Let’s say that each of you want to keep it and neither one of you are willing to compromise at all. The alternative is to hire an attorney so you can fight over the issue of who it belongs to.

So you hire a an attorney and lets say they charge you the going rate of $5,000 retainer. And then your spouse hires and attorney at a $5,000 retainer. How much sense does it make to spend the same amount of money you are going to give to an attorney to fight over this asset. I have seen it done and it make no sense.

It is probably going to feel like you are compromising way more than you want to when going through a divorce. Just know that it feels exactly the same way to your spouse. Each of you are going to feel like you are compromising more than you want if you expect to go through a friendly type diovrce.