YOU Are The ONLY Reason We Can’t Finalize Your Divorce Case

YOU are the only reason we can’t finalize your divorce case.

What do I mean by this statement? I mean that we can handle any amount of complexity of cases related to assets and debts, children, child support and spousal support. There is nothing that can stop us from finalizing your divorce case, except you or your spouse.

We’ve helped clients with 8 children. We’ve helped clients with 10 homes. We’ve helped clients with millions in assets.

That is not an issue for us.

What is an issue for us is when clients hire us and then fall out of agreement or no longer are amicable and stop cooperating with the process.

That is the only thing that can stop us from being able to finalize your divorce.

And here is why.

We only work with 100% amicable spouses who will ultimately come up with an agreement. We will put you through the divorce process, complete and file all the paperwork with the courts. We will do it all.

However, if you and your spouse at some point fall out of agreement or decide no longer to cooperate, that stops us from being able to finalize your divorce case.


Because in order for us to finalize your divorce case you both have to sign the Marital Settlement Agreement that outlines all the terms and agreement related to your divorce.

So even if we prepare everything as you provided and agreed to, even if one party simply decides they are not going to sign it at the very end, this stops us from being able to submit it to court. This is because even though we’ve drafted the agreement, it is not an agreement if not signed by both spouses.