104: Names Must Match On Summons And Petition California Divorce

In this episode, what we’re talking about specifically is something that is very important. You need to watch out for when filling out your summons and petition.

This boils down to this. The name you use for the petitioner or the respondent on your summons and petition specifically in all forms in your divorce need to be the same.

We’re getting a lot of clients who are coming to us who tried to start their own divorce and what they’re doing is they’re filing out the summons and petition but the names are not matching, meaning they are making a slight change.

Maybe it’s middle initial. Maybe it is using a full first name instead of short name like Thomas versus Tom.

And the problem with that and this will be the biggest error that you can make because when you file you divorce papers, your summons and petition these are the first documents you file.

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