117: Would You Attend A California Divorce Live Broadcast Question and Answer Session

We do lots of videos that are up on YouTube and the various video channels and blogs and podcast we had a lot of content out there for folks.

And one thing I wanted to find out from folks is we have been considering doing a live broadcast where we would have a live streaming feed.

And we will obviously promote this.

That we’d have a streaming feed where at a certain time, you could come to our website, log in to our website and watch a pre-planned live broadcasters like you do on TV.

And what we’ll be doing is essentially answering questions live that either were asked of us prior to the appearance of the live stream or that are asks during the live stream because we do have a chat features.

And if we had no one actually asks questions we can answer some of the top 10 questions, top 20 questions, what are the most frequently asked questions about Divorce.

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