152: Do You Really Need A Divorce Lawyer In Santa Monica

In this episode, we will discuss if you need a divorce attorney in your Santa Monica divorce.

What people need to know is less than 10% of the people who go through Divorce in Santa Monica and in California these are generalities but less than 10% of the people actually need an attorney for their Divorce.

But people don’t know that there are other services out there that can help them. So people are always looking for a Divorce attorney.

But they don’t know that there are services like mine, businesses like mine that provide full service Divorce Paralegal Services can do everything an attorney can, all the paperwork, go to court, fill out forms, file them, serve them, all the process and procedures that the court requires, all the financial disclosures, we can take care all of that.

The only thing we do differently than a law firm is we don’t give legal advice and we don’t represent you in court.

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