192: Does Mediation Allow One Spouse To Dominate The Other

In this episode, we will talk about divorce mediation and does mediation allow one spouse to dominate the other.

We’re talking about Divorce myths. We’re trying to find a topic for today.

And we came across some interesting articles on the myths. And thought it’d be fun to talk about these and kind of demystify these myths. So the first thing that we’re going to talk about, the first one is, does mediation allow one spouse to dominate the other? The myth was phrased as mediation allows one spouse to dominate another.

Is that a myth? Is that something you’ve heard, come up or how..?


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191 Are Women At A Disadvantage In Divorce Mediation

In this episode, we will talk about women in divorce mediation and if women are at a disadvantage in divorce mediation.

Let’s talk about the next myth. Are women at a disadvantage in mediation?

Kind of similar to the domination I guess. Well, I mean I guess that could go either way.

But are women at a disadvantage of mediation?

Definitely not. Again, when there is an opportunity for both to sit down and for the mediator facilitator to help with that communication aspect of it, to allow the woman to be able to say things that she wouldn’t be able to say with an attorney present or to say things definitely not alone without anybody because they’re just not speaking, they’re not communicating to the best way possible.

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190: Is Mediation More Of A Hassle Than Hiring A Lawyer

In this episode, we will discuss if mediation is more of a hassle than hiring a divorce lawyer in your California divorce.

The myth was mediation is more of a hassle than hiring a lawyer to handle the Divorce.

So in this case is mediation more of a hassle than just hiring a lawyer?

You know I think people have a hard time with something new or something different than just to try it into ‘I’m going to get my attorney. You get your attorney. And let’s just kind of haggle this out the best we can.’

It’s definitely a change in the way that people think about Divorce. I would hope that it’s not more of a hassle.

I think it’s just probably learning about the process. Someone needs to do a little bit of research, make a few phone calls, find out what the difference is are between mediation and litigation.

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189: Can You Use Mediation And Attorney During Divorce

In this episode, we will discuss if you can use mediation and attorney during your divorce in California.

So the myth was there’s no place for lawyers in mediation. And so if you use mediation, can you still have a lawyer?

Yes. So I am a non-attorney mediator. There are many attorney mediators out there.

But unfortunately, if they’re attorney mediators and they have their mediator had on they cannot give legal advice to their clients.

But they do have the resources within their firm to have outside counsel or to have different kinds of referrals and those kinds of things within their firm.

Now as a non-attorney mediator, I really do suggest that they at least have a consultation each of them with an attorney in order to ask those legal questions that I cannot provide the answers for.

Even if I knew the answers, I’m not allowed to give them those kinds of advice.

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188: Does Divorce Mediation Make The Divorce Take Longer

In this episode, we will talk about divorce mediation and does divorce mediation make the divorce in California longer.

So does Divorce Mediation make the Divorce take longer?

No. If anything it’s a lot shorter. It’s a lot quicker. I think we’ve discussed in other topics about the litigation.

And the attorneys and the court dates can drag on for months, sometimes years just trying to get in to see the judge, just trying to get the paperwork filed, getting their spouse to respond.

Mediation in three sessions, you know, if you want to spread them out in two months, we could have it finished from beginning to end.

And with what your company does, you take that agreement and you file it.

And, yes, there is six months period of waiting. The cool off period of whatever from the time you file until it’s settled. But you can easily get it done within the six months if not quicker but then you still need to wait for that six months period to be done.

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187: Is Divorce Mediation For Wimps

In this episode, we will discuss divorce mediation and if divorce mediation is for wimps.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to use this one but I thought it would bring a good topic.

So this myth is mediation is for wimps. So the question here is Divorce Mediation for wimps?

And the one reason I want to bring this up is because I think this is a guy thing. It’s obvious it’s not a girl thing or a woman thing.

I think you’re weak if you’re just going to let somebody else take control of your life. And tell you what you’re going to do with your life.

So I think if you have it in you, you have to have a lot of strength and a lot of willingness to commit to the process to be able to work it out to where it’s worth it for everybody involved in the end. So I think it’s not for wimps.

It’s for somebody who wants to make sure that everybody comes out fairly pole at the end of the process.

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186: Do Divorce Lawyers Understand Divorce Mediation

In this episode, we will talk about divorce lawyers and if they do understand divorce mediation.

The myth was all Divorce lawyers understand and support mediation.

So I turned this into, do divorce lawyers understand Divorce Mediation? And we can answer that in a couple different ways.

No, I don’t think they understand the pure process of mediation. They just have had a different training and different mindset.

A lot of attorneys, a lot I think I’ve mentioned before have gone through the mediation training in order to retain more clients.

And they understand that this is something that is becoming more popular and people are actually looking towards.

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185: Does Divorce Mediator Decide What’s Fair

In this episode, we will talk about if divorce mediator does decide what is fair for both parties.

The myth was in mediation the mediator decides what’s fair.

Have you ever had that as a concern, so, I post the question, does the divorce mediator decide what’s fair during divorce mediation?

You know what absolutely not! We do not make any of the decisions.

And a really good mediator will remember that from the beginning until the end. Our job is to ask really good questions, lots and lots of questions.

So if you see something happening and see like maybe the balance, the power is tipping a bit without jumping in and rescuing the other party and it could be either party.

It could be the wife taking control and manipulating and then or it could be not it could be either way.

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184: Divorce Mediation Is Not For Everyone

In this episode, we will discuss divorce mediation and how it is not for everyone.

The myth was mediation is always the best option for every divorcing couple.

So is Divorce Mediation is the best option for everyone?

No. In my earlier days and when I was training and going to school, I just thought this is the answer to world peace.

And everybody should just sit down and if you’re a good enough mediator, you can get an agreement out of anybody.

That is not the case. Now there are issues especially in Divorce that you do not want to mediate. You shouldn’t mediate.

It’s not appropriate for mediation. It’s something and that’s why the courts are there and that’s why good attorneys are there and that’s why the judge is there to protect people from these kinds of things.

And that’s domestic violence and any kind of child abuse going on and any kind of serious criminally activity with money on either side.

Those kinds of things cannot be mediated.

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183: california divorce videos on divorce661.tv

In this episode, we will talk about California divorce videos on divorce661.tv.

Now, everything at a separate channel just for if you want to watch videos.

So on my Divorce661.com you could watch on the video tab but this is literally everything over 500 videos now.

So you can go right to Divorce661.TV and you could watch the topic you want or the most recent topic. This was where the last ones that I did. And, yes, you can subscribe to the YouTube channel right from one’s pretty need.

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