189: Can You Use Mediation And Attorney During Divorce

In this episode, we will discuss if you can use mediation and attorney during your divorce in California.

So the myth was there’s no place for lawyers in mediation. And so if you use mediation, can you still have a lawyer?

Yes. So I am a non-attorney mediator. There are many attorney mediators out there.

But unfortunately, if they’re attorney mediators and they have their mediator had on they cannot give legal advice to their clients.

But they do have the resources within their firm to have outside counsel or to have different kinds of referrals and those kinds of things within their firm.

Now as a non-attorney mediator, I really do suggest that they at least have a consultation each of them with an attorney in order to ask those legal questions that I cannot provide the answers for.

Even if I knew the answers, I’m not allowed to give them those kinds of advice.

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