190: Is Mediation More Of A Hassle Than Hiring A Lawyer

In this episode, we will discuss if mediation is more of a hassle than hiring a divorce lawyer in your California divorce.

The myth was mediation is more of a hassle than hiring a lawyer to handle the Divorce.

So in this case is mediation more of a hassle than just hiring a lawyer?

You know I think people have a hard time with something new or something different than just to try it into ‘I’m going to get my attorney. You get your attorney. And let’s just kind of haggle this out the best we can.’

It’s definitely a change in the way that people think about Divorce. I would hope that it’s not more of a hassle.

I think it’s just probably learning about the process. Someone needs to do a little bit of research, make a few phone calls, find out what the difference is are between mediation and litigation.

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