184: Divorce Mediation Is Not For Everyone

In this episode, we will discuss divorce mediation and how it is not for everyone.

The myth was mediation is always the best option for every divorcing couple.

So is Divorce Mediation is the best option for everyone?

No. In my earlier days and when I was training and going to school, I just thought this is the answer to world peace.

And everybody should just sit down and if you’re a good enough mediator, you can get an agreement out of anybody.

That is not the case. Now there are issues especially in Divorce that you do not want to mediate. You shouldn’t mediate.

It’s not appropriate for mediation. It’s something and that’s why the courts are there and that’s why good attorneys are there and that’s why the judge is there to protect people from these kinds of things.

And that’s domestic violence and any kind of child abuse going on and any kind of serious criminally activity with money on either side.

Those kinds of things cannot be mediated.

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