188: Does Divorce Mediation Make The Divorce Take Longer

In this episode, we will talk about divorce mediation and does divorce mediation make the divorce in California longer.

So does Divorce Mediation make the Divorce take longer?

No. If anything it’s a lot shorter. It’s a lot quicker. I think we’ve discussed in other topics about the litigation.

And the attorneys and the court dates can drag on for months, sometimes years just trying to get in to see the judge, just trying to get the paperwork filed, getting their spouse to respond.

Mediation in three sessions, you know, if you want to spread them out in two months, we could have it finished from beginning to end.

And with what your company does, you take that agreement and you file it.

And, yes, there is six months period of waiting. The cool off period of whatever from the time you file until it’s settled. But you can easily get it done within the six months if not quicker but then you still need to wait for that six months period to be done.

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