166: How To Value Your Home During Divorce

In this episode, we will talk about how to value your home during divorce in California.

So they’re going to sell. Now they have to come to an agreement on what’s it worth.

We had clients in here couple weeks ago. They had everything settled. The house is actually paid off in cash. So they are in good shape financially.

The issue was what is house worth? So if they’re going to divide it evenly coming to a firm like evaluator.

In this case one party thought the house was worth $50,000 more than the other party.

And they’re looking at comparisons and all that. But what’s the best way to come to an idea? Do they get independent appraisers?

Do they get independent agents to do like of a compared market analysis? This particular client I said, ‘Look, you’re talking about $50,000 whole. It’s really about $25,000 to you, if they’re dividing which they’re like ‘Okay, that’s not that bad.’

If they can meet in the middle, I mean there are lots of options.

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