167: Can You Sell Your Home At A Later Date During Divorce

In this episode, we will talk about if you can sell your home at a later date during your divorce in California.

I skipped one of our four. I missed see the slides. Sell at a later date.

So if I had four options. You had another about the rental. That was good.

Sell, refinance, keep existing mortgage, sell at later date or rent it out. We have people doing that.

But selling at a later date, we have folks that have either a primary residence or a vacation home or a rental of some sort, that they’re making rents on. Okay, let’s say, it’s a rental or any of those types of homes.

And either the values not there or they want to hopefully go up in value so they can sell.  So we have a specific circumstance with a client, vacation house, they make rent.

It’s like an Aspen or something like that Big Bear I don’t know. And they rented out and they make money up but they sold, there’s not enough value. They overpaid for it back when real estate is blooming.

So they want to wait several years before they sell it. That was the agreement.

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