172: Divorce & Life Insurance Considerations

In this episode, we will discuss divorce and life insurance considerations.

Let’s talk life insurance. There’s a lot of moving parts to this.

This is probably going to be the most we’re going to have to talk about here. I mean some of this, there’s going to be an overlap but there are issues of support and potential that to protect people.

So one of the key issues here, one of the things that people probably are thinking about is most likely those people have life insurance policies have named their spouses as the beneficiary.

Meaning that if there’s something happened to them their spouse will be the one to get the proceeds from the life policy.

Obviously, if you’ve gone through a Divorce and as you’re going through the Divorce, you may want to make this change immediately.

You might say, ‘I don’t want that person to be, well I’m going to pull them off my life policy.’

On California at least you’re not able to pull your spouse off as a beneficiary without their signature prior to Divorce.

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