2 Ways To Establish California Divorce Spousal Support Order

2 Ways To Establish California Divorce Spousal Support Order

Today, I want to talk to you about the ways to establish an order for like spousal support or child support and really anything for that matter.

So when you’re going through a Divorce and you’re going through the forms and you’re filing your Divorce case, you may need some orders in the interim before your Divorce case is finalized because as you know your Divorce at the soonest that you can get Divorce is six months.

So let’s assume you filed for Divorce and you know a couple of weeks or months have gone by and you need an order for let’s say spousal support.

If you need an order put in place there’s one of two ways you can do this. Number one and the easiest way is you and your spouse can sit down with someone like myself.

We could run the numbers and look out what the DissoMaster says as it pertains to spousal support. And then simply draft what’s called a stipulation and order.

Stipulation order is a document we put together. We would indicate how much the spousal support is going to be. Both of you would sign it.

We’d submit it to the court. The judge will sign it. And that will become the Interim Order until the final order in your case which would be the judgment at the end of you Divorce.

Another way you can do this if you and your spouse do not agree on in and out for spousal support what you can do is file what’s called a Request for Order.

It used to be called an Order To Show Cost. It’s now called a Request for Order. And this is a motion you would file with the court and you get a court date.

And then the court would decide how much that interim or temporary order for spousal support would be.

We can help with either those cases as far as drafting a stipulation, order for spousal support or if you’re not in agreement with your spouse, on the amount we could file for motion and you guys can go to court and let the judge decide on the amount of spousal support is to be ordered in the interim until your case is finalized.

Tim Blankenship with Divorce661.com, we are a Full Service Divorce Paralegal Firm serving all of California. We could work with all the courts in California.

So if you need help establishing order for spousal support or you need to have a stipulation run up or you need to go a hearing because there’s no agreement on spousal support, let us know we can file a motion on your behalf, get your court dates, serve the other spouse.

That is a service that we provide so feel free to give me a call.

We can talk about your specific circumstances which might be the best way to go. Tim Blankenship, 661-281-0266, or, just go to Divorce661.com for more information.