5 Traits & 7 Qualities For A Successful Marriage

5 Traits & 7 Qualities For A Successful Marriage

Now we talked about Divorce a lot. I mean that is in every topic, every video, and every podcast we record. We talked about Divorce a lot.

But in this article, I want to talk about an interesting article I came across that was talking about some of the key traits and qualities you should have and your spouse should have to have a successful marriage or you should look for in a future spouse to have a successful marriage.

Now I want to give credit on what editors do. I found this article interesting enough.

I found a —I’ve read an article today talking about how many women are becoming millionaires because of Divorce.

So they’re getting half of their spouses’ assets, either by being bought out or in business or something like that.

And it got me to thinking about just first in California for United States as far as Divorce is concerned I was looking for traits of millionaires because that’s what this article was talking about.

And I came across an article that’s talking about certain traits in millionaire couples. And I’m not going to talk about the millionaire aspect of it.

But I think these traits and key qualities are good for anybody regardless of your level of wealth.

Now the article came from thompsonlaw.ca if you want to read the article on that website.

But I’m just going to pull out from it these key points that the spouse’s found in each of their spouse and what is made for a lasting relationships.

And just kind of the off topic the article was talking about millionaires in general. And some of the traits and qualities they saw in each other.

And I want to share that with you. But they’re also talking about that millionaires lived longer. I’m sorry they don’t live longer. They have longer marriages.

And they wanted to see, okay, if there’s longer marriages, is it just the money or is there a certain traits and qualities that they looked in their spouse. And is that the reason for the long term marriage.

So that’s why I want to bring this up because it works for millionaires it should probably work for the rest of us as well.

So in this article it says both spouses identify and credit each other as having certain important trait. Of these the most important they both agree on and identify in each other are unselfish, caring, forgiving, patient, understanding, discipline and virtuous.

Now of course, these are very impactful words. And it just goes without saying that if both parties are focusing or have these traits of being unselfish, caring, forgiving, patient, understanding, discipline and virtuous, I think you would agree that your marriage should last.

Or at least have the better than not chance of lasting, if we’re doing those, because as I’ve been married now for a long time.

I do have a lot of those traits. But I know that there are times when I’m not or when I’m definitely being selfish, sometimes not caring. Forgiving? I’m easily—I easily forgive.

My wife does not—Man! She can hang on to some anger for a given amount of time. I think women have that all going for them.

I’m patient. I’m getting more patient as life goes on. Understanding, I’m pretty good in that. Discipline, yes. Virtuous, yes!

So those were the main traits that both spouses identify with each other in having a long term marriage or successful marriage.

And of course you know if you do those, if you have those traits you are going to probably have better than not chance of having a long term happy marriage.

Now let’s talk about the key qualities says nearly all spouses see five key qualities in their spouses and agree on the importance of these qualities in contributing to a successful and lasting marriage.

So you have the traits. And then you have these key qualities in their spouses. And it says—here they are. Honest, responsible, loving, capable and supportive and in that order, so honest, responsible, loving, capable and supportive.

So if you take the five key qualities and I think it was seven traits these are very powerful traits and qualities if one were to have them all and was able to carry through with those all the time and both spouses would did that which in this case that was the case, then you can see that, that would definitely make a longer lasting successful marriage.

So if we work on those areas, knowing that these have been identified in this report that if you don’t have these qualities perhaps work on having these qualities and see if you can either turn around your marriage or start making it a more successful one if you’re already in good shape.

One of the things I wanted to point out is this goes back to the millionaire mindset. I guess you would say, it says millionaire husbands found their wives physically attractive when they first met them but were drawn to them by much more.

So and then it says that non-millionaires the article goes on that non-millionaires look at mostly how attracted they are to their wife or their future wife and not much more.

Just the attractiveness and throw out intelligence, throw out any other attribute that they may have.

So I think if that is definitely a dividing factor. So they found their wives physically attractive when they first met them but were drawn to them much more.

They were attracted by their future wives intelligence, sincerity, cheerfulness, reliability and affection in nature.

And it says here, this contrast with non-millionaire men who considered physical attractiveness as the overwhelming basis of attraction early in their relationships.

So I think this was a great article. I know we talked about Divorce a lot, so, I want to talk about maintain your marriage because as you know we are not here in support of Divorce.

We’re just here to provide an alternative to attorneys when going to Divorce and helping you through your Divorce case in California.

But for me, I’m still married and I’m just going to make sure that I maybe just pay attention, maybe write these traits and qualities down and we’ll make sure to work on them on a daily basis because I’d like to maintain my marriage as well.

Tim Blankenship at Divorce661.com, please give us a call if you have any questions about Divorce in California, I’d be happy to help you.

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll talk to you soon.